Cake Flavors

All cakes are proven recipies that I have tweeked to have fabulous flavor and are extremely moist.

Butter Yellow - Rich and buttery
Chardonnay - A wonderful suprise. Just like you are having a glass.*
Chocolate Pound - Best used for 3-D cakes (carved)
Cookies and Cream - white cake with oreo cookie bits in the batter*
Guinnes - A chocolate base with that famous Guiness flavor.*
Lemon Zing -  A Flavorful Lemon cake with Fresh Lemon Juice and Zest (tart and sweet)
Pink Lemonade - Light and full of flavor very fun for Summer
Margarita -  Not for the faint of heart or minors*
Mocha - Rich Chocolate With a Mild Coffee Accent
Pound - Dense and very flavorfull, Best used for 3-D Cakes (carved)
Red Velvet - So velvetie you think it's going to melt in your mouth.  Made from a traditional chocolate base.*
Red Wine - Very moist chocolate base with a suttle flavor of the wine*
Stawberry - Very Pink with Fresh Strawberry Puree
Vanilla Bean*

Chocolate Chips or Party Sprinkles can be added to any Cake Base

Other Flavors that can be added to a cake base are Coconut, Raspberry and Hazelnut

*These are considered Gourmet Flavors and would add a .25 cents per serving charge.


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